Thursday, July 3, 2014

New e-Book - Quick Cash Injectors

I've just published a new e-book and I hope you will buy it or share it with someone special in your life. It's called "Quick Cash Injectors." It is under 100 pages and jam-packed with easy, actionable ideas in a step-by-step format to help you earn more money in addition to your job, or as a set of ideas to help you start a new small business venture to become "recession proof." These tips will also be great for students, homemakers, retirees, and basically anyone interested in taking action and generating additional income streams.

This easy-to-read, step-by-step manual is filled with many easy-to-implement ideas on how to generate cash quickly either as needed or as the basis of a new business. Just one of the suggested methods can repay the price of the book! Declare independence and take charge of your financial destiny now!

Buy it with the "Buy Now" button to the right of this announcement for just $19.97 on the new e-commerce site!

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